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Catalyfe offers online courses to improve your life from multiple angles. We’re here with tools and tips that support your growth fully, whether on professional, relational, energetic, ecological, financial, parental or personal levels.


We provide many tailored-to-your-needs online courses in the 7 most important areas of life: Business & Career, Financial Freedom, Personal Growth, Family & Children, Health & Wellbeing, Love & Relationships and Green Living. 


Only by cohesively growing and developing in all of them can you achieve true satisfaction and purpose in life.


Join the Catalyfe community 

Start exploring Catalyfe courses with our special offer and gain privileged access to an evolving community of like-minded people who care about holistic self-growth in all areas of our lives. 


What is Catalyfe Annual Membership?

Consider annual membership as a club membership that gives you many benefits:


🎁 Free access to ALL currently available courses

Learn at your own speed with the free access to all existing and future Foundation level courses, with new courses released monthly. Currently, ALL paid courses are included in the plan – for a limited time only!


🎁 Extra Discounts 

Guaranteed 50% off Premium, Gold, and Platinum online courses.


🎁 Major discounts on Live events  

Catalyfe members receive priority registration and a 50% discount to all Catalyfe Live and Catalyfe Online events — special conferences, forums, discussions with experts.


🎁 Half-price on all coaching sessions

In case you want to dive deeper in the topic, need practical advice or personal guidance, you can take a one-on-one session with any Catalyfe coaches with 50% discount – only for Catalyfe members. 


Are you ready to join in? 


Annual plan 

The limited special offer price of just €99 (billed yearly), instead of the regular price of €179.

Monthly plan

Join for €9.90 (billed monthly), instead of the regular price of €14.90.

Get 1-year access for 179€ 99€ or 9.90€ per month





Bruce Porter, Jr.

CEO GlobalBoost, Founder at Washington Elite

“Catalyfe is a wonderful e-learning platform that teaches essential real-world skills: how to move yourself forward, become a better person and succeed.”


Allison Folkes

Catalyfe Annual Member

“This learning platform has been extremely successful in providing an all-round learning experience, academically as well as practically, and allows for lessons learned to be applied to all areas of life. I look forward to all upcoming courses.”


Rizza Fabillo

Catalyfe Annual Member

“What I like about Catalyfe is it enables me to have a personal vision of the future, which gives me a clear idea as to what or where I will be in the next few months or years. Knowing my target and destination in life makes it easy to draw up a plan on how I will achieve my goals.”


Bruno Azenha

Catalyfe Community Member

“So much interesting content at the Catalyfe platform! Looks amazing! Will definitely look more into it!”



Don’t miss this limited offer of reduced rate access to practical, online courses and world-class coaches –  subscribe today for Catalyfe’s Annual Membership!


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