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Skills you need to succeed in just 10 minutes a day: the Skillex approach

What is it that lets people succeed? What makes ideas, projects, and businesses work? And more than that, what is a success?

That is the sort of question Kristjan Raude wants to answer. An obsessive life-long learner, Raude spent 15 years in sales and marketing, building up Estonia’s leading digital agency and placing it in the top 20 of a global agency network with thousands of members.

But after a decade as the company’s main engine, Raude decided it was time for something different.

Combining digital with life-long learning and self-development, he came up with the idea of a new kind of educational platform.



A brand of education that focuses on what works

Education is in trouble. Today’s system was set up for an industrial age that is now almost completely gone. In a lot of areas, skills now expire faster than schools can adapt.

At the same time, the cost of education is going through the roof. Lately, it has grown faster on average than the consumer price index, which means that in the near future fewer and fewer people will have access to it.

To make things worse, information now widely available on the Internet is fragmented, and it is getting harder and harder to decide who to trust. So how do you solve this?

Raude came up with an entirely new focus on all the things that make life work, from business to money to human relationships. His platform wouldn’t compete with educational institutions, but complete them: what you know is good, but you also need to know what works.


Skills that make life work, learned in just 10 minutes a day

So the platform would bring together different parts of life, and offer people courses how to do better. But as it’s based on individual initiative, it needs to offer more than just that: it needs to make learning a habit.

The result is Skillex. Across Personal Development, Financial Freedom, Health & Fitness, Business & Career, Love & Relationships and Kids, Skillex identifies the most important skill sets in each area of life and offers immediately practical skills and new knowledge.

This approach is based on short and intense bursts: spend just 10 minutes a day, but do it regularly. Engage with other learners in a community forum, and build on your relationships as well as new input.

That way, you learn quickly, and lessons are immediately useful. The courses are taught by hand-picked experts in their field, at the top of their game.


Complete, not compete: new skills to transform what you already know

Skillex’s program is based on the insight that there are identifiable skills that make the world work.

For example, give an engineer business skills, and they stand a chance to get their own company going. Or help an overextended parent with life hacks that make it easier for them to cope. And what if you could teach an artist how to write letters and sell their ideas? There is virtually no area of life that couldn’t be improved.

From the beginning, Raude wanted to extend this to private life as well. Sure, there is no blueprint for human relationships, but there are dynamics that you can understand and learn about, last but not least also to make changes to the way you yourself approach others.

Success, then, isn’t defined in a great career, or in a lot of money. But instead, success is a fulfilled and happy and fulfilled life. And that is what Skillex wants to convey to its community of learners.


Public launch in 2019 and an early bird offer

The platform has a first suite of courses and is about to introduce video as its basic medium. Skillex is currently at its private beta stage, running the platform for a partner community of more than 100,000 members.

With more than 10,000 active members using the platform just months after Skillex was started, the team is now working hard to improve the courses as well as the platform.

The public launch is planned for 2019, with a special early bird discount of 50% on your first order. To hear more about Skillex, and to get on the list for the discount, please have a look at our homepage!


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