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A new approach to your development.
We are a learning community offering what matters the most.

Mainstream education is valuable, but it rarely provides true life skills and happiness.

Welcome to Catalyfe

Catalyfe is the first e-learning initiative that takes a holistic approach to education and personal growth. We focus on the harmonious evolution of mind, body and spirit as human wholeness. Our goal is to help learners to find identity, meaning and purpose in life through connecting with humanistic values and nature.

Find balanced learning experience

Encourages the development of all aspects of your inner-self: personal, intellectual, spiritual and emotional. This then evolves and deepens our relationships with others in society and with nature itself.

Our vision is to provide a valuable e-learning experience, connecting your personal growth and the challenges of today’s world. We become the best versions of ourselves when we choose consciously a positive mindset. Catalyfe is here to help you release the fullest potential within you.

We aim to complement your personal education path to offer a life-long learning experience.

Embrace joy in life

Our mission is to create a self-focussed learning experience affecting every aspect of self-development. To encourage discovery through self-exploration, finding life-long joy and happiness.

For every individual to appreciate and care for oneself, to have a fulfilling life with a sense of empowerment and inspiration to transform communities.

Inspire others

We believe in humanistic values and self-awareness as the end goal. We praise and encourage empowered individuals who take life into their own hands and embrace the opportunity to influence and inspire society.

Our philosophy and mission have been built on our understanding of values such as community, compassion, wisdom and growth.

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Meet the founder

“Some things are done because they are necessary; some things are done because we like to do them.” – Nitin Nanda

Catalyfe is born out of necessity and liking, both! 

Catalyfe’s journey began under the Skillex banner. However, as a growing e-learning platform, we realised the need to create a new name specifically for this side of our business, one more clearly reflecting its objectives – thus ‘Catalyfe’ came into being, a name meaning the catalyst for a life of new learning with the aim of creating success and happiness in life!

Having graduated from the best schools and colleges, my experience shows that I was not prepared for life. Parenting, stress management, relationship, environment, alternate finance and many more such topics which have a significant role in life needed my attention and the necessity to acquire new skills was felt. I am sure that you feel the same as I do. Hence, Catalyfe has been created to complement our current education system and fill these gaps.

While keeping our focus on life skills they don’t teach in schools and colleges, we have come across many interesting coaches and personalities with amazing knowledge which can make human lives better, happier and more fulfilling. We would like to present these coaches to you.

At Catalyfe, we also aspire to be a catalyst for the growth of coaches who have the right knowledge, skillset, mindset and who know the art of coaching. We aim to continuously help them reach their potential and market. 

With sincere thanks to my team in Skillex OÜ (Jim Sharman, Ekaterina Tikhonova and others) who have worked hard in the making of Catalyfe, we invite you to join us in this interesting journey of life with a wish that you will enjoy it as much as we do, probably moreso!


Nitin Nanda
Founder, Catalyfe


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Phone: +372 5854 4442

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