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Catalyfe offers different types of online learning


Mini-Courses and Webinars

These are one-hour-long, interactive short courses, either in interview-style, or monologue presentation-style, or a hybrid thereof, with real, specific learning outcomes related to each topic. Catalyfe offers free access to all such events for anyone who registers to the website.



These courses explore a subject much more deeply and have content that is much more solution-oriented. Pricing for these courses is capped at 50€ but they are offered for free to Catalyfe members who subscribe to the Annual Membership package.



These courses provide content specifically exclusive to the Catalyfe platform. They are built around popular topics and have deeper learning. Pricing is anywhere up to around 99€, although there is an automatic 50% discount for Catalyfe members who subscribe to Annual Membership. Some of these courses may also be offered free to Annual Membership subscribers.



These courses are carefully designed to help the student to experience deeper learning with respect to the subject and overcome practical hurdles with the help of the Coach. These courses allow the possibility to connect with the Coach directly, both in closed groups and in live discussions. The price for these events is anywhere up to around 999€ and a Coach’s access to this level is by Catalyfe’s invitation only. Annual Membership discounts will apply.



These are significantly longer courses than the other variants and are purposely created to address a specific issue, problem or situation and find effective solutions. They include tips and secrets that come from the Coach’s unique knowledge and experience. They come with the option to connect directly with the Coach through 1-on-1 sessions, live sessions, or group sessions. There is no price limit for these courses and the Coach’s access to this level is by Catalyfe’s invitation only. Annual Membership discounts will apply.

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