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Empowering Daily Meditation for Beginners

What is this webinar about?

Did you always want to try meditation and mindfulness but not known where to start? Maybe you tried it a few times but didn’t keep it going? How do you know that you are really meditating, not just sitting there?

This webinar will show you the power of meditation and give you some tools to help you turn meditation into a daily habit.

You will learn

  • Build a healthy, habitual meditation practice
  • Overcome stress and anxiety through daily meditation
  • Boost happiness, productivity, and creativity in your daily life
  • Understand and release your mental tensions through ‘conscious breathing’
  • Connect your body, soul, and mind

Meet your presenter

Kyla Dagenais

Yoga teacher, reflexologist, author: Kyla’s study of meditation is her call to service. 20 years of practice has motivated her and her clients to overcome stress, depression and PTSD. Kyla is the co-author of the book ‘90 Day Meditation Challenge’, which gives practical tips and habit-building techniques about meditation and its benefits.

After this course you will improve

Health & Wellbeing

Personal Growth

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