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Enriching Life Through Breath & Thought

What is this webinar about?

What happens when you fight your own body and mind, when you don’t listen to what it tells you? Have you lost a sense of purpose, disconnected from yourself? You can learn to love what’s happening…your body knows better than anyone.

You will learn

  • The power of mindful thought over stress and disease
  • The importance of physical decompression
  • Body awareness as a healing modality
  • The importance of acceptance and authenticity
  • Nutritional tips on alkaline foods to restore ph balance

Meet your presenter

Kyla Dagenais

Yoga teacher, reflexologist and co-author of the 90 Day Meditation Challenge, based in Canada. Kyla has 20 years of practice and helped many people to overcome stress, depression and PTSD. By creating a bridge between mind, body and spirit through conscious breathwork, Kyla helps her clients to go deeper, finding inner acceptance, courage, joy and richness in life.

After this course you will improve

Health & Wellbeing

Personal Growth

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