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Five Steps To Discover ‘True You’

What is this webinar about?

How often do you experience life’s ups and downs like insecurity, signs of depression, stress, burnout, confidence issues, painful inner thoughts? If you have been searching for a long-impact practice to address your mental struggles and traumas here is the solution you might love. 

Try ‘True You’, a uniquely crafted mind & body workout to release your emotional pains through exercise.  

You will learn

  • Identify pain and tension knots your body has developed
  • Learn how to link your physical pains to your mental or emotional issues
  • Breathing and physical exercises set you up for recovery

Meet your presenter

Britt Normet

The founder of True Pilates Estonia and a developer of the holistic health and fitness practice ‘True You’, Britt is a qualified Pilates Master therapist with a keen interest in nutrition and aromatherapy. Using her blend of natural remedies, such as breath, movement, healthy eating and healthy spiritual practices, she coaches her clients towards more fulfilled, happier and healthier lifestyles.

After this course you will improve

Personal Growth

Heath & Wellbeing

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