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Green Living: How to Fly Less and Love It!

What is this webinar about?

Flying pollutes. A lot. Did you know that flying NYC to LA produces more CO2 than the average citizen of Thailand does in an entire year? So flying less often is one of the most powerful things we can do to combat climate change. What difference can we make? Can we still enjoy a holiday without flying all over the place?

You wull learn

  • Why more and more people are choosing to stay on the ground
  • What impact aviation has upon the climate
  • How to plan your environmentally-friendly journeys
  • Benefits of flight-free travel to the environment

Meet your presenters

Maja Rosen

Founder of We Stay on the Ground and the Flight Free 2020 campaign.

Anna Hughes

Anna Hughes is the Director of Flight Free UK, representing Flight Free 2020 there.

Becca Melhuish

Becca Melhuish is a flight free 'digital nomad' who created the Facebook group Flight-Free Travellers Network.

After this course you will improve

Green Living

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