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Healthy Transitions from Old Year to New You. Part 2

with Britt Normet

What is this webinar about?

Did you know that our bodies store toxins from everything we put into them; food, feelings, thoughts and actions? Now’s the perfect time to flush them out as we prepare for a new year — and a new you!

After this webinar you will:

  • Understand how, why and where your body stores up pain and tension
  • See how nutrition and mental state interconnect
  • Learn techniques to release tension and revitalise
  • See how breathwork affects your body and physical movements
  • Open up a new world where you choose better health for yourself

Meet your presenter

Britt Normet

Britt’s holistic approach to wellbeing, i.e. through a combination of breath, sound, movement, healthy nutrition and positive physical and mental strength in life, ensures success. Bringing her choreography and music background and 25 years’ experience of working with both men and women to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health through Pilates, she’s created ‘The Butterfly Effect’ method and is the most sought-after health coach in Estonia.

After this course you will improve

Health & Wellbeing

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