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How to Create Stable Income in Unstable Times

What is this webinar about?

With the global economy more unstable than ever, it is vital to bring your financial situation under control and be ready to face challenges. 

It’s easy to ride a wave when everything is fine and the economic wind is blowing in the right direction, but much more important is to learn how to swim in any waters and to control the result you have. 

This webinar is for those who want to understand what’s happening with the global economy and how to create a stable income in times of uncertainty.

You will learn

  • The current reality around global economics
  • How and why the current situation became so historically unstable
  • Where to invest if you want to protect your wealth
  • How to avoid sleepless nights when investing in unstable markets
  • How to get ahead of the competing masses

Meet your presenter

Jurijus Clavas

Entrepreneur, investor, coach, author, co-owner of Starfish Academy: Jurijus’ passionate mission is to help people reach lasting financial freedom. Creating his first business while still at university, he overcame challenges by constantly learning, a mandatory step on the path to success. Creating new income streams and applying knowledge acquired from renowned experts like Robert Kiyosaki and John C. Maxwell helped him achieve his own freedom.

After this course you will improve

Financial Freedom

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