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How to Start an Eco-friendly Business

What is this webinar about?

The business world is gradually going greener, with more companies responding to global consumer demand for sustainable solutions for production. People like eco-friendly companies and they care as much about a company’s social responsibilities as their actual products or services, therefore, ‘going greener’ has many benefits.

This webinar gives a set of practical tips on how to go green as a business, based on the success story of ‘WoodKa’ – an Indian brand emphasising a ‘back to basics’ concept. It grew from a small startup to 21 franchisee manufacturing units, now with more than 90 vendors.

You will learn

  • How can you set up and grow an eco-friendly business?
  • Basic Dos and Don’ts of eco-friendly business
  • Eco Quotient – a tool for you to check how eco-friendly you are
  • How Covid-19 changed consumer needs and preferences

Meet your presenter

Dr. Vibhor Mishra

Vibhor Mishra is the founder of ‘WoodKa', CEO and co-founder of the SME consulting group ‘3EA', based in India and Singapore with 16,000+ management consultants and a team of 150+ employees. He holds a PhD in Brand Management and has successfully built more than 20 international brands.

After this course you will improve

Green Living

Business & Career

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