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Managing Stress & Emotional Hygiene in Lockdown

What is this webinar about?

Being confined in our homes when schools and nurseries are closed can increase stress and anxiety, even with our loved ones. As resilient as children are, and as strong as we parents might think we are, the pressure of always being in each other’s company can create tension or frustration. This webinar features a single mother giving you practical tips and food for thought on how to not merely survive, but thrive in lockdown. You will learn about time management, task priorities, logistics, healthy communication, and mind-soul-body wellbeing.

How do you keep your emotional hygiene clean when your children are spiraling out of control?

You will learn

  • Ways to better connect with your child through improved healthy communication
  • Methods for planning your day and practical tips and suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities
  • The importance of personal time just for yourself and how to create it

Meet your presenter

Mari-Liis Uibo

Professional musician, radio show host, and single mother to a 3-year-old daughter. She manages her own violin teaching studio and is also a dance teacher in kindergarten.

After this course you will improve

Family & Children

Love & Relationships

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