Pilates Mind & Body Detox for Autumn – Catalyfe

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Pilates Mind & Body Detox for Autumn

with Britt Normet

What is this webinar about?

Autumn is the time when we start feeling that our internal batteries are running low, with everything that brings – bad moods, lack of motivation, general tiredness, etc. If you feel that you need a reset for your body and mind, this webinar is here to help you.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand how, why and where your body stores up pain and tension
  • Reduce and release tension in your body
  • Recharge mentally and physically
  • Feel more energy to get through the day
  • Learn tips for long-term health benefits

Meet your presenter

Britt Normet

Britt is the founder of True Pilates Estonia, the most sought-after health coach in Estonia. She has experience working with both men and women to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health. Britt’s holistic approach to wellbeing, through a combination of breath, sound, movement, healthy nutrition and positive physical and mental strength in life, ensures success in her work.

After this course you will improve

Health & Wellbeing

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