Letting Past Go & Rebooting for 2021 – Catalyfe

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Letting Past Go & Rebooting for 2021

What is this webinar about?

Letting go of negative feelings lost opportunities or even people close to you might be extremely challenging. Often we don’t know how to deal with grief, anger, disappointment or sadness, choosing to shut them out instead of allowing them to flow.
This webinar, guided by Meeli Laane, an experienced Psychotherapist & Grief Counsellor, will show you how to leave behind painful emotions and take care of your own emotional cleansing and healing process.

You will learn

  • Recognise your emotional self
  • Learn how emotional honesty is the key to real change
  • Practice the 3-step ‘Goodbye Model’ for letting go

Meet your presenter

Meeli Laane

As a Transpersonal Psychotherapist & Grief Counsellor, Meeli is devoted to working with emotional pain. She has an extensive knowledge about the conscious & subconscious mind and the body, helping her clients to integrate all three to promote effective healing.

After this course you will improve

Love & Relationships

Health & Wellbeing

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