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Running a Successful Business as a Single Parent

What is this webinar about?

When seeking to combine business with family, the demands on your time can create stressful pressures – unless you learn how to strike a balance. This webinar features Ivana discussing some of the personal and professional challenges that she faced and overcame along the way. Her disciplined approach to time management, task prioritisation, focus, attention and adherence to a set of personal values is applied equally to her work and family environments.

See how you can gain the confidence to take that leap and follow your ideas.

You will learn

  • Strategies for planning and achieving work/life balance
  • Tips on how to adjust your businesses to suit family circumstances
  • The importance of self-discipline and motivation
  • How to surround yourself with people who inspire you

Meet your presenter

Ivana McCann

Founder of the IMcC Exclusive Business Club, bringing together Senior Executives involved in their companies’ highest-level strategic decision-making processes. Professional and Social networker, providing exclusive meetings, events or business forums, successfully realising international projects across multiple sectors, all whilst being a single parent to her young daughter.

After this course you will improve

Family & Children

Business & Career

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