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Five Steps to Financial Health

What is this webinar about?

Does worrying about your financial future keep you awake at night? Are you missing a plan on how to grow your capital?

The world around us is changing rapidly. We need to take care of our financial health more than ever to survive and thrive in this new economy. For that, we need to understand the language of money and have clarity about where we are exactly in the journey to personal wealth.

Join this webinar and you will walk away with a clearer understanding of how to organise your financial life and what to do next.

This webinar helps you

  • Understand the importance of capital creation
  • Create a plan to make money work for you, instead of you working for money
  • Take control of your financial future with actionable steps provided for you

Meet your presenter

Vallo Arumäe

A co-founder of Starfish Academy, an education company helping people achieve financial freedom through business or investing. Over the last decade, Vallo has focussed on learning directly from the world’s best business and investing experts, e.g. Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, Tony Robbins, John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, etc. Vallo has worked closely with Robert Kiyosaki and his team of ‘Rich Dad Advisors’ bringing financial and business education to Northern Europe and Russia.

After this course you will improve

Financial Freedom

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