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Successful Projects with Dragon Dreaming

What is this webinar about?

Do you struggle to get your project off the ground? If you are looking for a more efficient way to release the creative energy of your team and make your project work, try Dragon Dreaming!

If you have never heard of, or are curious about, Dragon Dreaming, join our new webinar with Toomas Trapido, an experienced trainer and Dragon Dreaming advocate. He’ll discuss how this innovative method helped to build thousands of successful projects globally and how you can use it. He’ll also cover some of the important practices within the method’s four-stage project wheel: Dreaming, Planning, Doing & Celebrating. 

You will learn

  • The origin and philosophy of Dragon Dreaming
  • Four project stages: Dreaming, Planning, Doing, Celebrating
  • The Importance of reflection, recognition and gratitude
  • How to apply the Dragon Dreaming concept in your project

Meet your presenter

Toomas Trapido

Co-founder of the Gaia Academy, and university lecturer in ecodesign and sustainable living. His skill and expertise in facilitating the creation and launch of many successful projects is combined with his dedication to modern education, as he also teaches at the Gaia School and Waldorf School. Toomas has hosted 100+ Open Space events and given numerous public lectures on evolutionary practices.

After this course you will improve

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