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Supporting Your Child Through Obsessive Anxiety

with Yisroel Wahl

What is this webinar about?

Learn fundamental techniques to help your child escape the trap of anxious worry, obsessive rituals and compulsive behaviours. Join free webinar with Yisroel Wahl, mental and behavioural health specialist.

After this webinar you will:

  • Understand how and why anxiety cycles occur when irrational fears strike
  • Understand better what is happening in your child’s mind during obsessive compulsions
  • Learn how best to support your child positively through their anxieties
  • Learn specific steps you can take as a parent to assist your child in overcoming and escaping negative cycles

Meet your presenter

Yisroel Wahl

Mental and behavioural health specialist, Yisroel has over a decade of experience and has worked directly with hundreds of children and teens around the world who are faced with a wide range of struggles. Through his private practice in Lakewood (USA), Yisroel offers real and practical solutions to mental health issues, helping parents to cope with struggles by providing pragmatic and practical tools for dealing with stressed-out children.

After this course you will improve

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