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Top 6 Tips for Brilliant Personal Branding

What is this webinar about?

Developing a personal brand can be difficult and stressful if you never learned business communication strategies and don’t know how to apply online and offline promotion techniques.

Before starting out, you actually need to answer some important questions and decide what your personal brand is about. What is your vision? What are your values? What are your key differentiators?

This webinar will show you the powerful steps used by all influencers when building a Personal Brand, making your interactions more memorable.

You will learn

  • An efficient 6-step strategy to grow your personal brand
  • Insight into an immediately applicable key element of your brand
  • The first steps to setting and defining your personal brand
  • Understanding the importance and benefits of your personal brand for your business

Meet your presenter

Anca Banita

Anca is a freelance Communication & PR professional, with 13+ years of experience in the corporate and NGO sectors. As the Communication Manager for ‘Let’s Do It, Romania!’, she helped bring together over 1.8 million volunteers for World Cleanup Day 2018, the country’s biggest-ever civic action event. Anca’s mission now is to support entrepreneurs and freelancers to build powerful, values-based personal brands. Her workshops this year have been attended by more than 600 people.

After this course you will improve

Business & Career

Personal Growth

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