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Two Simple Steps Towards a Cleaner World

with Heidi Solba

What is this webinar about?

The world is drowning in its own waste. Yet so many people have become so used to it that they don’t even see it any more. Do you feel like you want to do something constructive but think you can’t make a difference? If you’re looking for ways to help create a cleaner planet, join this free webinar.
Meet Heidi Solba, President of the Let’s Do It World! movement, will demonstrate how the global mismanaged waste crisis is impacting the planet and what practical steps you can take right now to not only raise awareness but actively help create a cleaner world!!

You will learn:

  • Why cleanups matter and what immediate benefits they can bring
  • How to make your community united and powerful by working together
  • Where to find, and register with, your nearest organising team for cleanup activity
  • How to start your own cleanup team if one is not nearby

Meet your presenter

Heidi Solba

President and Head of Global Network for the world’s largest, peacetime civic movement - Let’s Do It World!. From the belief that “everything is possible”, she created and empowered a strong network of leaders worldwide to organise the annual World Cleanup Day, uniting 50+ million people from 180+ countries in the world’s largest civic action. With Masters Degrees in Environmental Protection and International Business Management, Heidi is an inspirational leader, speaker, mentor, trainer and an expert on social change.

After this course you will improve

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