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5 Ways to Create a Cleaner Planet

What is this webinar about?

From the Antarctic to the Alps, you will find waste of all shapes and sizes – from glass bottles on beaches, car tyres in forests and micro- & nanoplastics in oceans, rivers and lakes. In particular, single-use plastic waste is a very modern problem that will take centuries to go away and, if unchecked, might never do so. After decades of a global ‘throw-away’ culture, the challenges of waste management are increasing. What can we do about it? 

You will learn

  • The wider story of plastic’s impact on the environment
  • How microplastic and nanoplastic enter our food chain
  • The positive role you can play to reduce global waste

Meet your presenters

Sybil Bullock

Project Lead at ‘Break Free From Plastic’, a global coalition of organisations dedicated to tackling pollution. Her role includes identifying the biggest corporate producers of plastic waste and calling them to account. She is dedicated to the eradication of single-use plastics and the overall reduction of problematic plastics from source.

Ingrid Nielsen

Head of Communications for the world’s largest civic action cleanup movement ‘Let’s Do It, World!’ organisers of the annual World Cleanup Day. She oversees all media campaigns and coordinates the communication activities of national cleanup leaders in 180+ countries. World Cleanup Day raises awareness of the scale of the global mismanaged waste crisis, something each of us can help solve so that future generations don’t drown in trash.

After this course you will improve

Green Living

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