2020 Year-end Gratitude Meditation – Catalyfe

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2020 Year-end Gratitude Meditation

What is this webinar about?

It has been a rollercoaster year for many. Are you tempted to judge yourself for what you have not done, rather than celebrate and be grateful? This webinar is an opportunity for you to spot trapped emotions and shift into acceptance and gratitude.

Gratitude Meditation is a perfect way to think back on your experiences, relationships, people who filled you with joy this last year and let this feeling go through your entire body and soul. It’s also a way to take a personal journey back to your gains, losses, or things that have not been done – and then accept them all.

You will learn

  • Experience a guided gratitude meditation practice
  • Detach and observe your experiences and emotions more clearly
  • Reflect on yourself as the central character in your path
  • Be inspired to write a letter to yourself, embracing your experiences

Meet your presenter

Kyla Degenais

Yoga trainer, reflexologist and co-author of the book '90 Day Meditation Challenge’. Kyla has 20 years of practice and helped many clients to overcome stress, depression and PTSD. Her study of meditation is a call to service. By creating a bridge between mind, body and spirit through conscious breathwork, Kyla helps her clients to go deeper, finding inner acceptance, courage, joy and richness in life.

After this course you will improve

Love & Relationships

Health & Wellbeing

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